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The build has begun!

Every year we receive a “Build the Vision” offering for projects over and above our general operations. In 2015 so much was accomplished. We stepped out in faith, gave sacrificially and our God provided! In 2016 & 2017 we again made giant leaps forward and the foundations were laid. Literally!

And now the build has started!


We are so excited to see the framework of the church come together! It's exciting times and it's thanks to you and all the generous donations, hours spent helping with all aspects of the preparation and build, and the prayers that have fuelled us all. Keep posted for more pictures and updates. God is good!

We have shown that “together we can do it” and when God is involved nothing is impossible! 

We invite you to prayerfully and generously keep giving as you are able, and be part of the greatest faith steps we have ever taken “to be a church of influence connecting people to Christ.”

Help make our vision a reality

Help us by making a gift establishing a tangible C3 presence in Fiji, where people will be transformed by the experience of God’s love, life and power for generations to come!


What we’ve achieved at C3 Lautoka

C3 Howick has been partner with C3 Lautoka for over 10 years. Throughout this time we have expanded the Mission Station facilities from a shipping container to an enclosed building which is now a safe-haven for many during the flooding seasons Lautoka regularly experiences.

Instead of settling, we’re pushing further into what God has for Lautoka by building a new 250 seater Church for C3 Lautoka which will be used for church services, school education, medical clinics and children’s programmes. We’re excited to see this completed but we need your support to get there.

Plans for C3 Lautoka

What we want to achieve

We have already achieved so much in Lautoka Fiji. In 2015 we successfully raised the funds to lay the foundations for the new C3 Lautoka Church facilities, but we now need to complete the build.

The total cost raised and spent so far including plans, engineers report, council consent and foundational work is NZ$64,000. Thank you to all of the churches and individuals who have given so far! We’re now fundraising for the next stage to get the building closed in and usable. The estimated cost of this is NZ$120,000.


Images by Vaughn Scott





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